Historical Events at Verellen Orchards

1920's - Established, started as a dairy farm, shipped milk daily by street car.  The Hatchery lasted a couple years with laying hens and sold fresh chickens at Eastern Market.  In the late 20's trees were planted starting Verellen Orchards.  Small roadside stand was the site of fresh fruits and vegetables.

1930's - Cyclone with hail was 7-8 miles wide, devastated the area knocking all the fruit off of the trees.  Bob and Henry headed to Leslie, MI to manage an orchard having 12,000 bushels of peaches the first year and sold many to A&P for $1.00 each.  Returned to the home site in the late 30's to run the orchard.

1950's - The cold storage room was enlarged and refrigeration was added.

1960's - Grading room and large storage was added.

1970's - Cider Mill and donut operations added.  

2010 -  Cook's ice cream now available.  Special flavor "Verellen Peach"

2012 - Fruit crops hit hard by early freeze killing almost all blossoms

2013 - Robert "Bob" J. Verellen passes after a wonderful long life. July 2nd 2013. 

2017 -  Severe wind, rain and hail devastate entire fruit crop.
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