Welcome to Verellen Orchards!
Quality Fruit is what Verellen Orchards is all about.  We have been in business at the same location for almost 90 years.  We pride ourselves in high quality products and friendly customer service.
Open all year with "fruit in season" from strawberries, cherries,  plums and sun-ripened peaches to grapes, pears and a full fall harvest of all your favorite apple varieties. 
For your convenience, we are open daily from  6:30 am until 6:00pm. 

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Please email us with any questions
Call us at (586) 752-2989
Now available: Red Cortland, Gold Delicious, Honey Crisp, Macintosh, Jonathan, Gala, Empire apples, sweet corn, pears, cukes, cabbage, cauliflower, fall squash, ice cream, potatoes, donuts, pies, coffee cakes, eggs, honey, preserves, jelly, popcorn, fresh breads, pickled beets, maple syrup, onions, candy and more... 
Grapes now available at the market.  
Now serving Cook's Pumpkin Ice Cream!